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Introducing MACI Cartilage Repair Using Your Own Cells

Shoulder, Knee, Sports Medicine

MACI is a procedure that repairs cartilage using the patient’s own cells. MACI provides long-lasting pain relief and improvement in function.1 How does MACI work? A sample of your cartilage cells (chondrocytes) is sent to a laboratory and embedded on a special collagen membrane which your doctor then implants into your knee. The cartilage cells […]

Las Cruces Orthopaedic Associates, PC. Comprehensive Orthopaedic Services

Shoulder, Knee, Sports Medicine

A few decades ago, Southern New Mexico was far behind the times in terms of quality specialized healthcare of any kind, let alone orthopaedic care. Patients had to travel to El Paso or Albuquerque to address their unmet medical needs. Today however, there is no shortage of experts in the field of orthopaedic services. Founded […]